Cuisines Chambaron

Kitchen design for over 30 years

Qui sommes nous ?

Les Cuisines Chambaron en quelques mots.

Des cuisines de qualité depuis plus de 30 ans.

Depuis sa création, l’entreprise Chambaron a su se faire un nom dans l’aménagement de cuisines, bains et placards grâce à sa rigueur, son professionnalisme et à la sélection minutieuse de ses fournisseurs et intervenants.

Your ideas.

Are you full of ideas? We have the tools and the men to give them life.

You will have the pleasant surprise of finding with us a warm and professional welcome as well as the best Quality/ Price ratio of the region so do not hesitate to come and meet us!

Indeed, our human-sized structure without financial excess (advertising, commercial onslaught , army of sellers, managers, etc.) allows us to place ourselves at best price at equal quality.

Nous faire confiance

Since its creation in 1979, Chambaron has distinguished itself in the design of kitchens, bathrooms and closets. Thanks to its rigour, professionalism and careful selection of its suppliers and stakeholders.

The reputation quickly spread to neighbouring departments that also appreciated our working methods.

Chambaron kitchens welcomes you in its airy store, bright , where design and ergonomics rub shoulders with aesthetics at the service of your comfort.

Ensuring a quality purchase

All our furniture is factory mounted (not kit)

Unbeatable value for money

The guarantee to enjoy an unbeatable value for your money

A wide choice always adapted to your budget

We have a wide choice of kitchens and we adapt

Une installation dans les règles de l’art

Nos installateurs sont tous expérimentés et respectueux des règles de l’art.

Notre sélection de marques

Afin de vous satisfaire à coup sûr, nous travaillons essentiellement avec une sélection de marques de qualité.

Nous contacter.

Vous avez un projet à nous soumettre.

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